Preparing for the coming Tribulation.

The tribulation is due to start April 5, 2026.  However, it may start sooner.   It all depends on the signing of the “Peace Treaty with the many.”  My calculations may be off as much as a year, it may start in 2025.  All believers need to keep close attention to the process.  Having said that,Continue reading “Preparing for the coming Tribulation.”

Spiritual insurance policies put forth by the catholic church.

Yesterday (Aug 22, 2020) I read this headline posted by World Net Daily on its website: US bishop: If we’re living in end times, you’d better’ return to God…Just in case’ Bp. Thomas Tobin said natural disasters, political upheaval, and the global Pandemic are signs that the ‘end times’ could be near. Cardinal Joseph TobinContinue reading “Spiritual insurance policies put forth by the catholic church.”

Being controlled and deprived of basic freedoms.

Yesterday April 14, 2020, I had an incident whereby God has shown me in the Spirit what is coming to America. When the prophecy comes true, very shortly,  it will be a confirming sign that HE has established me as a prophet of old.  That is, through me and others also raised like me, HEContinue reading “Being controlled and deprived of basic freedoms.”

Space X Dragon Crew Launch, America and parallel in prophecy

Today I watched the Space X rocket launch on my TV.  It was billed as an historic day by the media, yet for me it was just another day in the history of man attempting to do what God never wanted us to do. That is to make a place among the stars. “To exploreContinue reading “Space X Dragon Crew Launch, America and parallel in prophecy”

How to make America work again.

There is no doubt that America is divided. Our souls are in despair over the breakup of our country. We feel as though there is nothing we can do to right the ship, so to speak. Patriots thinks to themselves, “what can I do to help get us out of this mess?” Will we everContinue reading “How to make America work again.”


Do not let this article appear as an over simplification of the obvious. “Help” is like creation itself.  It can manifest in ways we cannot comprehend and at the most unexpected of times, yet its impact on our circumstance is always positive and ever-present. To understand the simplicity of it is to understand life itself. Continue reading “HOW TO ACCESS HELP IN THE TIME OF NEED.”

What is to become of America now that the Constitution is no longer obeyed?

The innocent are prosecuted without due process.  The innocent are framed.  The innocent are jailed.  The people have no voice.  There is no one to step into the gap.  The Constitution is ignored.  The government dictates without authority as if it is above the law.  The people have wrapped themselves in unreasoned fear.  They cowerContinue reading “What is to become of America now that the Constitution is no longer obeyed?”

War with the Saints and Government Control

Nothing in the history of the world has ever happened like the Corona-virus pandemic.  The ramifications upon all societies across the globe will be enormous.  A new paradigm is descending upon the governments of the world, one of control via socialism or communism.  This virus has taught them that.  In America, the Democrats are gleefulContinue reading “War with the Saints and Government Control”


Speaking as a born-again Christian and student of Biblical prophecy,  I have been telling my friend for years that “things” in America were going to get worse. He heard what I was saying, yet I don’t think he understood just how bad it was going to become. He can see now each year has gottenContinue reading “WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS AND OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS”

Corona-virus, the 2nd stroke of the rod of God’s anger.

America is sitting on the precipice of destruction. The fall of America is on the horizon, lest we repent. After 9-11 Johnathan Cahn, wrote a book: “The Harbinger. The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future.” In it, he wrote of all the ways that America should heed the warning that God sentContinue reading “Corona-virus, the 2nd stroke of the rod of God’s anger.”