The Chronology of Revelation

The charts below are what God showed me how to reveal the time-line in the Revelation. They were created in order to help you understand the flow of events in the Book of Revelation. Even if the book is not purchased, the charts will help in understanding the chronology of the Book of Revelation. They start in Chapter six and stop in Chapter 16 where God says: “It is done.” Chapters 17, 18, 19, are contained with in the time-line even though they are not graphed they are implicitly contained.

Download links are posted below.

Event Timeline Flow Chart. Please note! The 2nd half of the tribulation is 1290 days, not 1260.

Download this file as document or PDF. file.

Pyramid of Judgment Chart.

This chart shows the chronology of events as plotted along a time-line.

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