My name is Steve Gardner but God has given me a name: Nabi Neharah Benah. “The prophet who bubbles up the Word of God and illumines with insight with understanding, wisdom and knowledge.”

I have been called by God as a last days prophet. Not like a prophet of old but one who speaks the word of prophecy. To the world I am a nobody. Just a born again layman believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior who has been blessed by God with Wisdom from above, insight with understanding and knowledge of His word, especially as it relates to end time events as spoken by Daniel, The prophets and John in the Book of Revelation..

I have studied prophecy for almost 50 years. A few years ago God gave me some amazing insights about the rapture and the events as told by John in the book of Revelation. The revelation and insights have caused me to write the book “Unprepared” because I believe, no, I know, Jesus Christ is about to come back and set up His Kingdom.


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