Speaking as a born-again Christian and student of Biblical prophecy,  I have been telling my friend for years that “things” in America were going to get worse. He heard what I was saying, yet I don’t think he understood just how bad it was going to become. He can see now each year has gotten worse.  I told him that God is very angry with America because of idolatry.   We worship, it seems everything but God. One of those idols Is Molech, the God of human sacrifice–abortion.  I told him that God was going to bring judgment upon America, just as God did with Israel.  I also said to him that economic collapse was going to happen.  While I was telling him that all the while, the stock market was going up like a rocket, Millions of people were becoming millionaires, and thousands became billionaires.  However, while the economic wealth engine was in overdrive, at the same time, our freedoms and privacy were being infringed upon more and more by big tech and thus by association, big Government.  He is aware our Government allows Google, Twitter, and Facebook to censor our speech and feed our personal data into their databases in order to control us in the event of a future crisis and does nothing about it. Government institutions, like the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ, the very institutions that are supposed to protect and uphold our Constitutional rights, have been used against us.  

Then came Coronavirus.  Now I have sensed he has changed his tune. Now he listens to me.  He is still, in my view, somewhat skeptical as to the extent of the damage, however, not as much as he used to be.  My friend is like most Americans in that he believes in America, its people, God, faith, freedom, and liberty.  He believes Americans will do whatever they have to do to pursue the American Dream.  Things have gotten progressively worse. The American dream is in jeopardy. American Christians and Jews are being persecuted to the point they are afraid to speak out.  The Democrats, liberal Elites, Hollywood, Academia, and the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge the problem. But Christians are courageous and bold. They are tired of getting disrespected,  bullied, and pushed around.  A militant branch is beginning to rise up.  There is coming a point where Christians are going to fight back because they must.

Contrary to the belief by most politicians and corporate elites, at least 85% of Americans can think for themselves. After all, it is they that make America work, not the woefully inept government politicians and bureaucrats.  I will concede, however, that there is a percentage (15 to 17 percent) that does need someone to make decisions for them. Poll after poll on various subjects seems to indicate that every society and people has its stupid and moronic populations. Yet even they should not be silenced, ignored yes, silenced no.

Google, Twitter and Facebook wage their war against the saints by censoring our right to free speech, vie the guise that it is hate speech for which they have determined and taken upon themselves to become judge, jury, and executioner.  Who gave them that, right?   What if it is, and it is in many cases, so what?  Who elected them that they have the right to take away my hate speech as they see it?  Righteous speech or hate speech, whatever, it is our inalienable right to express our views, political or otherwise.  You know how they would react if someone told them to sit down and shut up.  They would become indignant, and say: “How dare you.” Yet to them, Christians are to be treated differently.  Christians are to be silenced, we are to be controlled.   A dog does not bark a warning if he has a shock collar on his neck. 

The assault (no pun intended ) goes unabated by the liberal left on our right to gun ownership, gun possession, and the right to carry. They seek to minimize the firepower we can possess.  If we could be limited to a pellet gun that would make them happy.  On the contrary, however, the kind or type of arms that can be possess is not defined in the Constitution; it simply states it is our right to bear. The purpose, moreover, is not lacking for clarity. We have the right in order to defend ourselves against any tyrannical government that seeks to enslave us.  Beebee guns are of little use against a howitzer.  Yet they continually try to define the law, water it down and make it useless.  For example, they have enacted laws and restrictions on the amount of ammunition that can be purchased. What? Do they think we’re idiots?  Yes, they do!  We know a gun without a bullet, or a bullet without a gun is useless.  Without weapons, how will a man stop the assault on his freedom by those who attack him with firearms?  To further exacerbate the problem, our politicians, those who are supposed to represent us, say and do nothing.  Why, because they are bought and paid for by Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  The most substantial campaign contributions generally come from one, if not all, of these three. And the amounts are not small. 

The Democrats, along with complicit bureaucrats within the FBI, CIA, and DOJ that lean left, have even attempted a coup against President Trump.  The evidence is irrefutable and overwhelming, yet not a single person has been brought to justice.  In America’s formative years, it was called Treason; if you were caught doing it, then you were shot. 

We Christians demand justice. Those that war against us want power and control over us.  When we demand justice, all we get is stonewalling, delay, and excuses. They seek to shut us up by suppressing our voice with unconstitutional laws.  Righteousness, which is a presumed character attribute of Christians, is not used for political expediency by us because we demand equal justice under the law.   

Now come the shutdown and social distancing. I ask myself who gave these people the authority to take away my right to choose.  Where in the Constitution does it say the Government has the right to force me, through fines or imprisonment to be confined to my home when I have broken no law?  Where did this BS come from that allows me to go to the grocery store and not to my church?  Both feed me.  With both, I come into close proximity to people. 

The Constitution says my rights come from God, that they are inalienable; I have the right to life, LIBERTY and the PURSUITE OF HAPPINESS. Do I not have the right to decide to follow what I believe about my God? Who has the right to tell me I can not gather at church to pray with a company of believers and ask for forgiveness of sins, that I, and we believe were in part responsible for Gods judgment on my country.  Jesus (my God) said where two or three are gathered in My Name; there I am in your midst.  That being true, (and God cannot lie), then gathering together to pray is more effective if I pray with a company of believers than if by myself.  And if I have to cross state lines to attend my church, why am I prevented? What difference does that make?  Many of these stupid laws target churches and constrain religious freedom.

On the secular side of the debate, the NBA, PGA or other governing sports body decided to shut down various events. I suppose they have that right to do so because it is a business decision on their part. They’re sure to lose a lot of revenue, and potentially a lot of their fan base, which could take years to recover.  However, if they had elected to stay open and let their fans decide for themselves whether to attend or not and thus risk catching the virus or not, would have been a better decision in my view, because it would have shown respect for their fans instead of treating them like children by forcing the decision on them.   When flu epidemics in the past flared-up, they didn’t elect to shut down.  Flu kills more than this virus.  Their knee jerk reaction precipitated a domino effect on the economy, and now look where we’re at?   Was it the right decision? Know one can say because history only lets you see one side of the story.  The what-if outcome is always speculation. They never gave the fans a right to choose.  Presumably, they think they are the only adults in the room.  How insulting.

I know the President is trying to do the right thing.  He wants to save lives—however, the hypocrisy screams from the housetops.  If America were concerned about saving the lives of 62 million aborted babies, I would venture to say that we would not be dealing with the Coronavirus now.

However, we are dealing with the Coronavirus and I haven’t been given the choice as to how I want to deal with it.  There are two opposing points of view that have been put forth by the so called medical experts as to how to defeat the Coronavirus.  One view is the “herd” solution and the other is social distancing.  The social distancing mitigation is what we are engaged in by virtue of arbitration on the part of the President based on advice and council by those chosen by him.  It was his decision to make.  His decisions have been spot on.  Closing air travel into our country was a great and correct decision.  In theory, the proponents of social distancing speculate that overtime, more lives will be saved in the end. However, the downside is that the mitigation may be more harmful than the virus itself.  The harm to our economy is yet to be determined.  It is possible the deaths resulting from unemployment caused by the shutdown to the economy may far exceed those produced by the virus.  Or not.  Only time will tell. 

The other view suggests that the virus should be allowed to run its course.  That is, the virus should be allowed to infect the population to whatever extent a virus does that, and that over two weeks, it then dissipates and goes away, leaving the people with immunity.  However, the number of deaths become much higher.

The problem is history never allows us to see both sides of the story.  The truth is we don’t know if the ultimate death toll caused by the Coronavirus, will be higher from social distancing and its ramifications than that of the herd theory. 

My point is that  I, as an individual American, have the right to decide for myself and my family—no one else.  That is what gives meaning to the word liberty and the right to pursue happiness. The citizens of America were not given the opportunity to exercise that right.  Nor has there been any debate as to the pros and cons. 

I believe, when the Government, backed by a truthful press, puts fourth substantiated facts, the Ameican people can and will make the correct decision not only for themselves but for their fellow Americans as to how they should deal with the data and information.  They have a history of doing that.

This assault on our freedoms has to stop.   My fear now is we are being controlled. Liberty and democracy have been taken away from us: Democrates and the liberal Elite like that.  The ramifications are dire and may lead to civil war.  The country is headed into uncharted waters, and we may strike a reef. Let’s pray that we don’t, but then again by the liberal standard, it’s not coucher to pray.  You see, the attitude is “we can do this.” “Don’t fear, we’ll get through this.” When the truth is God is the One that sent the virus upon us in the first place because of our sins and our idol worship.  He has told us the solution to the problem: “if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The call is for Christians to pray, the very ones the governments seek to silence.  How stupid is that?

Published by Nabi Neharah Binah

A prophet, established by God in these last days to reveal the chronology of the Book of Revelation as to the events, and to correct the eschatological error regarding the Rapture.

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