War with the Saints and Government Control

Nothing in the history of the world has ever happened like the Corona-virus pandemic.  The ramifications upon all societies across the globe will be enormous.  A new paradigm is descending upon the governments of the world, one of control via socialism or communism.  This virus has taught them that.  In America, the Democrats are gleefulContinue reading “War with the Saints and Government Control”


Speaking as a born-again Christian and student of Biblical prophecy,  I have been telling my friend for years that “things” in America were going to get worse. He heard what I was saying, yet I don’t think he understood just how bad it was going to become. He can see now each year has gottenContinue reading “WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS AND OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS”

Corona-virus, the 2nd stroke of the rod of God’s anger.

America is sitting on the precipice of destruction. The fall of America is on the horizon, lest we repent. After 9-11 Johnathan Cahn, wrote a book: “The Harbinger. The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future.” In it, he wrote of all the ways that America should heed the warning that God sentContinue reading “Corona-virus, the 2nd stroke of the rod of God’s anger.”


  It is beginning to dawn on Christians all over the world, that the world no longer perceives them as peaceable, but as a threat. To the saints, this unreasonable perception is very perplexing.  We are living at a time in history where Christians are confronted with two opposing views regarding just who is ourContinue reading “WAR WITH THE SAINTS”