Planet Fitness an example of the Luciferin Agenda.

Today my fiancé, and I went to Planet Fitness to begin a fitness program.  I am 77, and she is 73—we are both in excellent health.  We live in a place that is cold and snowy in the winter. Because of that, outdoor activities that one would typically do in the warmer periods of theContinue reading “Planet Fitness an example of the Luciferin Agenda.”

God has given America over to its sin.

On this date, 11-7-2020, it has been officially announced that Joe Biden won the Presidency of the United States of America.  Whether he did it illegally or legitimately is not the issue.  The reality is that God has given America what it asked for by voting for Joe Biden.  It doesn’t matter if the voteContinue reading “God has given America over to its sin.”