Warning to the Church!

The 2595 days of tribulation are coming. They are not far off.

  I am going to declare to you a truth, something Jesus wants you to know, and something that some of you may already know: 

The coming soon Tribulation is not far off and you as a saint of the church are going to go into it!

THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE! The immanency of the rapture is a false doctrine. 

 It is why the church is so complacent.  Christians think they are not  going to have to deal with it. 

The Lord wants us to prepare.  We are at the door step getting ready to enter.  I'm warning you, whats is coming soon  you're not going to comprehend.  It is going to shake you to your core if you're not prepared.  The Spirit has spoken and told me to write this book.  In it you're going to find the truth as to what is coming soon. 

The Church, that is the body of Christ, you and I are going into the Tribulation.  We are going to be persecuted, and possibly martyred! We must get ready for the war against the saints. 

 Read the chapter "What time the Rapture" and the reason: "fullness of the gentiles" ; the answer is there. 

Those; and there are many (imminent preachers, bible scholars and prophecy teachers) that have preached that you will be raptured out before the Tribulation are in error.

They themselves have been deceived; they are convinced and because they are convinced they preach to you convincing you into thinking you will not be tested; that you will escape somehow the persecution that is coming. I am not condemning them for they are fellow heirs and brethren.  I do not for an instant believe that  their intention is to mislead, however, they are in error and God wants His children to trust in HIS word and I’m going to show you the truth.  

Consider carefully what you read here.  Pray if you must and ask the Lord for peace to indicate whether I am telling the truth or not. 

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