Tribulation Charts

Charts that show the flow of the end of the world tribulation events in the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Chart Number 1

Chart explained

This chart shows the Chapter, verse and text of all the events recording in the book of Revelation from Chapter six to chapter 19 in the order that they appear.


It is a very large chart and because of that I have been unable to make it expandable thus make  it readable. However,  I am working on it.

Chart Number 2

Chart explained

This chart was my second attempt to better understand the flow of events in the book of Revelation.  It shows the seals, trumpets and bowls of wrath all playing out  in the swirl of the 70th week of Daniel with the emphasis on the 7th trumpet blasting out the events that occur when it sounds. 

Chart Number 3

Chart explained

This chart, my third attempt, shows a better and more "organizational" flow of events.  

The Seals Pyramid

What the chart represents

This graphic depicts the concept of what the seals represent.  They show a picture of the 70th week of Daniel in its entirety. The first four seals form the base with the 5th seal positioned in the middle of the time frame where the abomination of desolation occurs after which the Rapture takes place. The sixth seal nearing the apex of the pyramid points to the "Day of the Lord"  and  signifying the Great Earthquake that destroys and transforms the earth from being mountainous into a plain.  The 7th seal signifies the preparation of the angels are about to sound the 7 Trumpets.  The beginning of  The First Woe 

The Trumpet pyramid overlay

Interpretation of the chart

By overlaying this chart onto the seals chart one can see how the trumpets occur in the same relative time frame. Notice the pyramid is sectioned into 3 woes with the 1st woe falling after the 4th trumpet.  After the 5th trumpet and beginning with the 6th trumpet God announces; "There shall be delay no longer!" Beginning with the 6th trumpet and continuing on into the 7th trumpet a third of mankind dies in some form or another. That time period is likely to expand across 42 months and culminates with the return of King Jesus at the battle of Armageddon--"The day of the Lord".  Then the Great Earthquake occurs, Babylon falls and the sky is rolled up like a scroll. Note: The bowls of wrath are poured out over the same time-frame. 

The 7th Trumpet Chart

Chart explained

This chart shows the events that occur after the sound of the 7th trumpet. 


This chart shows the events that occur after the sound of the 7th trumpet.  All the events happen AFTER the trumpet sounds. I repeat that because these events fall in the order they appear in the book of Revelation. 

Another caveat is that the vision John sees of the 3 angels falls between the Sign of Dragon and Sign of Heaven.  The reason to note this is because the meaning of  a “sign” is different than that of a “vision”.  What appears in the sign indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. From a time perspective it means it is happening. The vision on the other hand indicates an experience of seeing someone or something as a supernatural apparition. An apparition of something can be remarkable or unexpected, typically an image of this type and does not necessarily mean that it is happening at the time the one is experiencing it. It may be future, which in this case is what’s happening.  

It is significant to note the vision falls after the sign of the Dragon and before the sign in Heaven . The events that it describes indicate the Rapture of the Church may immediately take place while the other events of the angels announcing an eternal gospel and the warning to those on earth about the dire consequences of taking the mark of the beast may happen before or after the Rapture.

 It is most likely that the angel announcing the warning is pre-rapture because it would be the final attempt by a merciful God to give one last opportunity for a sinner  to repent.  This is why we see the Church in heaven displayed in the Sign in Heaven because it follows the Rapture that was indicated in the vision. However, the angel announcing the fall of Babylon is definitely future. 

It is easy to see how a time line could easily be misinterpreted if one did not understand the difference between a “sign” and a “vision”.